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Volunteer Categories

GCAA always needs the help of other volunteers.

There are two main volunteer categories: sports and administrative. Realize that oftentimes people are active in multiple roles at the same time, and those roles may be in either category. They are broken down into these categories primarily to provide a description of the volunteer opportunities. Also, for the safety of all of our kids, most of these positions do require a background check which is handled by our Risk Management Director.


Board Member:

An elected position. Elections are held in January each year. Being a Board Member requires you to show up to monthly (sometimes up to twice per month) meetings and be involved in key decisions for the direction the organization moves. The Board Meetings are open to the public, but only Board Members vote on the issues. Many of the Board Members also serve as a Sport Committee Member.

Sport Committee Member:

A sport (soccer, baseball, basketball, softball, or volleyball) Committee Member is primarily focused on a single sport. These members work closely as a small group of people and focus on how their particular sport is going to run. You also help prepare the playing areas (fields or courts), help with fund-raising, and may be assigned to be a league director as well as anything else needed to help that sport have a successful season.

Parent Volunteer (Listed on Website as "Other"):

A parent volunteer is essentially indicating to the organization that you want to help and what you want to help with. Then when it comes time to perform that task, you may be contacted and asked to help.

Sports: Each sport may be run slightly different. The following is a general guideline for all sports. Contact the appropriate Sport Chairperson if you have specific questions about the expectations and requirements of any of the following positions.


Well you're it... the one in charge of your team. But you are not on your own, and volunteering for the coaching position does not necessarily require any prior experience or knowledge of the game (although you will be expected to learn the rules of the game before the season starts). Most sports start the season with some sort of coaching clinic/training and or meetings to help you get started.

Coaches must attend coaches meetings which are usually held at the beginning of each season and then may occur as the season moves along. The coaches are also responsible for helping to communicate any news, announcements, or requirements to the parents of the players as the season moves along. These things may be handled via phone calls, emails, and/or the team pages of the GCAA website.

The most important task a coach must perform is to help the kids to have fun and be safe. The coach should use age-appropriate drills to help teach the various aspects of the sport to the players. Different age groups focus on different skills.

In some sports, some leagues require that the coaches serve as referees or umpires during games.

This position does require the completion of our Risk Management procedure which includes a background check.

Assistant Coach:

Simply stated, the assistant coach helps the coach. This is especially helpful with the younger kids. The coach usually sets up the drills and explains it to the players. Then the coach and assistant coach work together to help the players run the drills. In the Coach's absence, the Assistant Coach would have to perform the duties of the Coach. For the younger groups an Assistant Coach can be used to "babysit" the bench during  games. If the coaches are responsible for refereeing in a game it helps to have another adult to help keep the non-playing kids under control.

This position does require the completion of our Risk Management procedure which includes a background check.

Team Parent:

The Team Parent is there to help the team and the coaches. The team parent usually organizes after-game snacks. The team parent may also be asked to be the information relay person. The coach may call the team parent and ask them to inform other parents of practice or game changes/cancellations or to send out email reminders. The team parent may also serve as the "voice" or representative of the parents. Other parents may talk to the team parent and voice any concerns or issues, and then the team parent can relay that information to the coaches. This procedure may be dependent on the situation or the coach's preferences.

A team parent should never have any individual direct contact with the kids, these responsibilities are reserved for the Coach and Assistant Coach. Therefore, this position does NOT require a background check.


coachescoachesBackground Check Info for
Coaches and Volunteers

Attention All Prospective Volunteers for ALL Sports Leagues

GCAA Sports must do a background check on all adults who intend to interact with the children. This includes coach and assistant coach. Other volunteer opportunities may also require the completion of this procedure. If you are interested in volunteering please be proactive and complete this background check NOW by following the below instructions. Thank you.

ALL Sports Volunteers, other than Soccer

Soccer Volunteers

Direct link to the application:

There are two parts to this application. On the first page you enter personal information, on the second part you select GREATER CLEVELAND ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION (NOT Greater Cleveland County Soccer Association) and that you are a coach. Don't worry about the level of training.